The worst Daredevil run ever written. Waid exchanges the complexity and actions with viable consequences that were hallmarks of the Brubaker and Bendis eras... for lame hard resets at the end of story arcs, unshaded line art and Silver Age retrosploitation. He would flirt with the idea of genuine narrative consequences (e.g. Matt "breaking down" at the end of the Purple arc) but then he'd flip the switch and Daredevil would be right back to snark and Silver Age the next issue. And for all the hype from comic media? There's a reason it's the lowest selling Daredevil run of the modern era as well. Which makes it all the more bizarre that Marvel essentially patterned its entire comic line off of Mark Waid's Daredevil thereafter. (Does bring the company's recent sales woes into focus, however.)

Charles Soule's darker, more Noir take on the character had been a breath of fresh air after the protracted agony of Mark Waid's abominable run.

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