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The title is wrong.

The costume is wrong.

That's "One Punch Woman the Movie" trailer, amirite?

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Агент Смит одобряет.

aaa: What was the name of that virus that was in Iron Man's armour?
bbb: Riri Williams.

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Just listen to this.

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Стэнли The Man был ужасным человеком.

А Марвел скрывали!

Но теперь-то он не сможет отмазаться!

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This doesn't put a smile on my face.

Some heroes smile: Captain America, Superman, Supergirl, Spider-Man.
Some kill: Punisher, Lobo, Blade.
Some are wooden: Groot, Captain Marvel.

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Daredevil 2011 run by Mark Waid.

The worst Daredevil run ever written. Waid exchanges the complexity and actions with viable consequences that were hallmarks of the Brubaker and Bendis eras... for lame hard resets at the end of story arcs, unshaded line art and Silver Age retrosploitation. He would flirt with the idea of genuine narrative consequences (e.g. Matt "breaking down" at the end of the Purple arc) but then he'd flip the switch and Daredevil would be right back to snark and Silver Age the next issue. And for all the hype from comic media? There's a reason it's the lowest selling Daredevil run of the modern era as well. Which makes it all the more bizarre that Marvel essentially patterned its entire comic line off of Mark Waid's Daredevil thereafter. (Does bring the company's recent sales woes into focus, however.)

Charles Soule's darker, more Noir take on the character had been a breath of fresh air after the protracted agony of Mark Waid's abominable run.

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The team book nobody asked for and no one wanted

yyy: I keep saying (usually in reference to Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers) that a good writer, given time, the right plot, and editorial support, can fix anything.
This book proves me wrong. There is no one on Earth that can extinguish this dumpster fire of D-listers. Well played Marvel milkshake team, well played.

zzz: I think most of these characters can be salvaged. Cho can be transformed into his own version of the Hulk like how Mim Headroom suggested in one of his videos. Kid Nova can be made into Richards Riders sidekick, same with Miles to Peter. Viv can still work as an interesting dynamic for the Vision's character. Nadia can be mentored under her father Hank Pym if or when he ever gets fixed, giving an interesting Pym family dynamic. Kamala can be given a different codename and be a decent teen hero if given a half competent writer. And Riri can читать дальше

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Kathleen Kennedy is so brave and courageous!

The Force is female:


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This is NOT an abusive relationships.

This is NOT a drug addiction allegory.

"Ваш друг слишком много думает о половых органах супергероев". (с) Стэн Ли, Mallrats.

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Peace, bub!

В Канаде победил легалайз. :hash2: В связи с этим кто-нибудь из комиксистов художников комиксов просто обязан нарисовать Росомаху Вулверина Джеймса Хоулетта с красными зенками самокруткой. :hash:
P.S. Роскомнадзор, речь о табачной самокрутке, конечно же. :hash3:

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Or bolts.

Squirrel Girl is an ironic name because she sure ain’t getting any nuts.

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Bitch, I am Groot.

What women think men want: sex.
What men really want: Daredevil 3rd Season.

Totally mysterious enemy.

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А вы читали "Отряд самоубийц"?

Suicide Squad? Why would I want to read a comic about the people behind Marvel's editorial decisions?

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Best. Movie. EVAH!!!

Не любите "Чёрную Пантеру"?

Да вы просто расист и у вас расистский баттхёрт!
P.S. И нет, архивы всё ещё не пришли, лол.

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Трейлер "Avengers: Infinity War".

P.S. Если кто пропустил: здесь можно наконец-то "Разрешить растягивать дневник по ширине".

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В моё время...


Warning: КАСИСТВО. Жанр: Трэш.

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Не ERBoH, но тоже сойдёт.

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А ТЫ рад?


Марвел снова откопают очередную стюардессу.

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Хомякинг и кружева.